Affiliate program

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Tell all your connections about Registry Blocks to help us succeed and earn Ethereum!

By adding your referral link to blogs, YouTube videos or any other media platform, you promote Registry Blocks. Funding is crucial for Registry Blocks to realize and build a succesful item & document registration business. Marketing research proved affiliate programs are one of the most cost efficiënt ways to reach a large audience.

Earn Ethereum

We surely don’t forget about our Fans & Promoters; Registry Blocks believes hard work should be rewarded! When you convince someone to buy Registry Blocks (REG) tokens by your referral link during our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 5% of the transaction amount will be paid to you in Ether!


If someone invests $1.000,- in REG tokens, you earn $50,- paid in Ether.
By $20.000,- of personal referral revenue you will earn $1.000,- in Ether.


By default affiliate rewards will be paid in Ether. This way Registry Blocks promoters don’t have to wait till tokens are exchangable to collect rewards in fiat money. For investors this prevents the usual heavy price drops when a token launches on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Value ~ 1500000 USD
Value ~ 2250 ETH

How to Participate

If you haven’t registered on Registry Blocks website yet, first create an affiliate account.  This can be easily done by social Sign in.

Share Referral Link

Just share your personal Registry Blocks referral link, website banners or QR code. Everyone can participate, there are no restrictions for forum ranks or followers.

When Registry Blocks (REG) tokens are bought through your referral link during our Initial Coin Offering, you will receive a bounty. Our system automatically keeps track of referral link visitors by placing cookies. If a visitor doesn’t buy tokens on the first visit and comes back later, you will still be rewarded.

Set-Up Wallet

Once you are registered and signed in, you will find your Affiliate Control Panel by clicking on the affiliate menu button. Click on “edit account” and fill in your ETH wallet addres, Registry Blocks will use this address to pay your earned bounty.

Affiliate Login

To view your personal affiliate management panel, please login.