What is Registry Blocks

Register Items & Documents in the Blockchain.

Registry Blocks is a fraud prevention platform based on blockchain technology, for decentralized registration of items and documents. The blockchain data is safely stored in a chain-like configuration where the history of every transaction is bundled into ‘blocks’, which can only be built upon, but never altered or copied.
Registry Blocks Technology links any registered item or document to a unique RBID in our blockchain database. This opens up endless opportunities, especially in fraud prevention, which Registry Blocks will utilize as explained on this website. By offering an intuitive, multi-purpose environment, Registry Blocks commercializes its blockchain technology to end-users.

Registry Blocks does not believe in raising funds with an ICO during the concept phase. To upscale the technology for global adoption, Registry Blocks requires financial injections. An ICO will be conducted to raise these funds, but not until Registry Blocks is a fully operational business, with developed services and satisfied customers.


Reduced costs lead to better rates.
Secure document signing, storage and forgery protection.
The safest solution to buy and sell anything.
Invaluable data to optimize products and marketing strategies.


Why invest in Registry Blocks

Registry Blocks rewards REG token holders by sharing revenue.

Registry Blocks as a business, focuses on making profits. By offering numerous services utilizing the Registry Blocks technology in exchange for REG tokens, revenue will be generated. This creates multiple opportunities for Registry Blocks to become a lucrative company, sharing revenue with all REG token holders by a unique Proof-of-Assistance reward system. This system counters Proof-of-Stake shortcomings by consulting 4 significant indicators, instead of completely relying on vesting.

Initial Coin Offering

The Registry Blocks Private ICO is open for investments with 50% discount on the first  0.75% of REG tokens.

An Initial Coin Offering is essential for Registry Blocks to raise funds, reach development goals and become a successful start-up. Registry Blocks tokens (REG) will be created during the Token Generation Event.
Registry Blocks issues a supply of 500,000,000 REG tokens, 65%  (325,000,000) will be for sale during the initial coin offering. No further REG tokens will ever be created.

Soft Cap: 750,000 USD / 11,250,000 REG tokens
Hard Cap: 29,906,250 USD / 325,000,000 REG tokens

From token
To token
% Total Tokens
50% 1 3,750,000 $0.05 0.75%
25% 3,750,001 40,000,000 $0.075 7.25%
20% 40,000,001 70,000,000 $0.08 6.00%
10% 70,000,001 160,000,000 $0.09 18.00%
0% 160,000,001 325,000,000 $0.10 33.00%

Fund Allocation

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Research & Technical Development
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Team Bonus

Token Distribution

  • ICO
  • Liquidity Reserve
  • Consultants & Advisors
  • Founders


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Our Core Minds

We believe we are in the right position to connect the pieces. By implementing Blockchain Technology we will take existing business models to new heights.
Ricardo Boosten
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Roger van Eijk
Luuk Franssen
Yoni de Boer