Big data solutions

BIG Data Scandals

The age of digitization puts society’s trust in businesses to the test: The thin line between effective data collection and privacy infringement is often crossed by powerful companies for financial gain.

Triple-A businesses fail to properly inform their users about the collection and sharing of their private data, abusing the innocent users’ good faith. Some companies even enable unauthorized third parties to identify individual users and their behavior, by granting access to specific private data that should never be shared.


Registry Blocks takes full responsibility to guard the users’ privacy and anonimity.

Collected user data will be encrypted and stored decentrally for optimal security. Third party access to personal data will always be restricted to prevent user identities to be tracked. All Registry Blocks datacollection will always fully comply with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union. Registry Blocks is always transparent about the use and collection of personal data and will only do so with the user’s explicit consent. Users will be able to manage their private data on a single page to, for example, extract or remove their personal data.

Registry Blocks Big Data provides businesses with invaluable patterns to find new marketing opportunities or to improve their products and service levels.

Registry Blocks item registration generates an unimaginable stream of extremely detailed userdata by linking consumers’ belongings, behaviour and geographical locations. This creates valuable marketing information about consumers’ products and their interests. Registry Blocks will be able to provide businesses with unique and very specific marketing insights.

Registry Blocks Big Data supplies the consumer with personalized advertisements that actually match their desires. Imagine a user who primarily registers red guitars. Guitar manufacturers can now specifically advertise red guitars to this consumer group and blue guitars to users who likes blue, which results in a high conversion rate and low advertisement costs.
Imagine people in a certain district primarily purchase 42″ flatscreens and do not own any sound systems. Marketing efficiency greatly increases because manufacturers know advertising 55″ flatscreens is useless in this district and promote 42″ TVs instead. Additionally, they invest in sound system promotion in this area for strong market adoption.



  • Priceless marketing insights.
  • Conclusive product and service analytics.
  • Leadgeneration by premium advertising.
  • Increasing marketing efficiency

Registry Blocks Users:

  • Own Your Data: Personal data can be extracted or removed at any time.
  • Transparent datacollection with full user consent.
  • Decentralized encrypted data storage for optimal security.
  • Specific user-personalized offers.

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