Document Management solutions

Document Security, Authenticity and Management

The scale of modern day data collection and new privacy laws introduce responsibilities and problems businesses never encountered before. 

Nowadays businesses collect immense amounts of data about their clients and staff. These files are often scattered around different divisions and offices, without any overview on who can access which documents. These problems prevent companies from privacy law compliance.

Due to the lack of affordable secure storage, and authentication seals with a proven track record, traditional files can be manipulated, destroyed or even be forged to hide inconvenient truths, distorting the image of reality.


Utilizing RBID registration, Registry Blocks Documents is the ideal solution for document security.

By utilizing decentralized storage and document registration, Registry Blocks technology offers secure and affordable Document Management solutions for any business:

The Document Management System tracks which user accounts have created, edited or accessed Registred files, this enables enhanced Regulatory Compliance.

By utilizing the Blockchain and P2P storage protocols Registry Blocks Document Management provides a recovery backup in case of an emergency. In case of a disaster this makes it possible to recover any Registered file.

The total file storage space will reduced by more efficient realtime indexing, this results in reducing duplicates which leads to less required file storage space. Files from multiple sources can be retrieved with just a phrase or full text search files, this improves collaboration.

Enhanced eSignature ensures security and authenticity. Any registered document can be digitaly signed by the owner within the Registry Blocks platform.  The owner of the document can invite other users to sign this specific document with Registry Blocks eSignature. By merging both signing user IDs with the document serial number, these signatures will be proved in the blockchain.

To expand upon the services conventional document management firms offer, Registry Blocks Documents fully utilizes the decentralized security of blockchain technology. This ensures the document’s authenticity, version, history, timestamp, proof of existance and secure storage.


Businesses and private users:

  • Reduced storage costs and space.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance.
  • Improved Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Fast & Easy retrieval of files from multiple sources.
  • Reliable digital signatures.
  • Proof of Existance for any document.
  • Trackable document timestamps.