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Marketplace Fraud

Traditional online auctions are not safe: One in ten people fall victim to online fraud. Online marketplace scams are one of the fastest growing internet crimes, with approximately 70% of the total reported internet frauds.

Conventional online Marketplace platforms all have one common enemy: scammers. Every buyer feels some kind of anxiety after winning an auction bid and transferring their payment. Uncertain if the product will be as described and even wondering if it will arrive at all.


The final solution to scammers. Registry Blocks creates the first solution to safely buy and sell goods between two private parties.

By introducing the decentralized Registry Blocks powered Marketplace, users will always get exactly what they purchased.

Decentralized Authentication ensures a registered product put up for sale is real and not a counterfeit.

SecureCollect is an optional service to further enhance the Marketplace safety. This user driven feature establishes a third party between buyer and seller to receive, verify and distribute an item purchased on the Marketplace.

Online Marketplace Partners are able to promote and utilize the security Registry Blocks Marketplace offers. Parties like Ebay and Craigslist could, for example, recommend their clients to exclusively buy Registry Blocks authenticated items to enhance security and to prevent getting scammed.
Partners can also utilize SecureCollect services, to further increase buyer comfort and trust.



  • Protected from scammers: the registered item exists.
  • Purchased item is authenticated.
  • Payment upon collecting the item when using SecureCollect service.


  • Trustworthy reputation by offering a Registry Blocks registered product.
  • Guaranteed to receive payment upon delivery.

Online Marketplaces:

  • Decrease of scamming on their platform by promoting Registry Blocks technology.

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