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Document Fraud

Document and signature forgery is an increasing problem. Diplomas are faked and business contracts are tampered with for illegal personal gain, at the expense of the innocent.

According to the NY Times, “diploma mills” sell more than 50,000 fake Ph.D.s every year. Ironically, this number is higher than those legitimately earned in the United States. This results in businesses falling victim to employing fraudulent and incompetent deceivers, who steal away opportunities from legitimate contenders with actual degrees.

Scammers often force unsuspecting people to pay off a faked contract for nonexistant computer services or magazine subscriptions the victim never asked for, effectively stealing money from innocent people.


Utilizing UniqueID document registration, Registry Blocks Notary is the ideal solution for document fraud prevention.

By utilizing decentralized storage and document registration, Registry Blocks technology offers several anti-fraud solutions for businesses and private parties alike:

Enhanced eSignature ensures security and authenticity. Any registered document can be digitaly signed by the owner within the Registry Blocks platform.  The owner of the document can invite other users to sign this specific document with Registry Blocks eSignature. By merging both signing user IDs with the document serial number, these signatures will be proved in the blockchain.

Notary Self-Service is a key ingredient of Registry Blocks Notary: simplifying the document creation process, improving storage safety and decreasing costs for both private users and businesses.
Users can easily create simple legal documents that would usually require a notary, following the step-by-step templates of the Document Creation Tool.
To expand upon the services conventional notary firms offer, the Registry Blocks Document Creation Tool fully utilizes the decentralized security of blockchain technology. This ensures the document’s authenticity, timestamp, proof of existance and secure storage.

Notary Support enables certified notaries and notary firms to become partners to further enhance the Registry Blocks Notary service level. These partners are listed within the Registry Blocks Notary interface, providing their expertise at competitive pricing to reach the potentially enormous clientele of the Registry Blocks Notary platform. Registry Blocks welcomes partners from all countries across the globe.


Businesses and private users:

  • Reliable digital signatures.
  • Safe document storage.
  • Efficient and affordable document creation.
  • Proof of Existance for any document.
  • Trackable document timestamps.


  • Reach potentially enourmous clientele.
  • Able to offer enhanced services compared to traditional notaries.

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